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learn from experienced cultivators on how to grow your four cannabis plants like a pro.

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We’ve grown our four Cannabis plants! 

Read through our blogs, download our info guides or watch our journey via our youtube channel. We’ll guide you through our cultivation endeavours so you can grow your four legal cannabis plants within Canada. It’s easier than you think!

Below we’ve gone through the process of growing from seeds to plant. Learn from our mistakes and let us guide you on your green thumbed adventures

Here is our Journey

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings Into Jiffy Pellets

Grow Your Four - How to Transplant Cannabis Seedlings Into Jiffy Pellets

Prepping Plants for the Pre-Vegetative Stage

Tips on Growing Cannabis Plants in the Vegetative Stage

How to Top, Lollipop, and Prune Cannabis Plants

How to Test the pH of Your Run-off

Tips on Transitioning Cannabis Plants into the Flowering Stage

5 Factors that Enhance Yields During the Flowering Stage

How to Enhance Your Crop in Late-Flower (Weeks 6-8)

Grow Your Four’s Guide to Harvesting and Drying Cannabis

How to Trim Cannabis to Perfection in 7 Easy Steps

Tips on Curing Homegrown Cannabis