Learn how to Grow Your Four Legal Cannabis plants today!

About Us 

Finally we can say it!
On October 17th 2018 Bill C-45 was passed giving all Canadians (19 and over) the right to legally grow four cannabis plants at home!

Growing your four plants at home can be an easy and simple process as long as you know the basics. This is where Grow Your Four will showcase you the facts, the products and introducing you to the experts who can help with your cultivation needs.

Technical Expert

Grow Your Four use the expertise of Pacific Northwest Garden Supply. They’ve been the supplying hydroponic industry for over 25 years.

Learn from us today!

Grow Your Four today with us!

We’re growing our 4 plants at home with the help and support from our technical expert. Through the ups, downs and lessons learnt, we’ll showcase you the journey of our 4 cannabis plants from seeds to flowering.

Follow this journey on Youtube or read about it in our blogs, as growing your four couldn’t be any easier!

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