Learn how to Grow Your Four Legal Cannabis plants today!


Before it became legal to grow Marijuana in Canada on October 17, 2018, hundreds of thousands of Canadian citizens dreamed of growing their own favourite strains of Cannabis but were too afraid.  It was far easier and risk-free to buy Weed from their friendly neighbourhood “dealer” who they trusted and had known for years. The media was rife with daily horror stories of ordinary citizens going to jail, losing their jobs and earning a devastating Criminal Record after being convicted for growing just one Marijuana plant! 

Now in Canada it is YOUR LEGAL RIGHT to grow up to 4 Cannabis plants in your home or apartment in most Canadian provinces.  The residents of Manitoba and Quebec will still have to grow their own in secret until public demand will sway those two politically backward provinces into getting on board with the rest of the nation. Ironically, part of the new Cannabis legislation in Canada states growers must keep their 4 plants hidden and out sight! So whether you’re in a “legal” province or not, you’ll still have to keep it a secret from the general public. All the better!

Even more ironically, most Canadian citizens are still forced to buy their Weed from long-time unlicensed growers because of the shortages and non-availability of legal Weed! So now that it IS legal to grow 4 Marijuana plants for most Canadians, but still next to impossible to find legal Marijuana to BUY, the answer to the question of, “Why grow your own?” is obvious…


And there are just too many great reasons to get excited about growing your very favourite Cannabis strains in your own home to wait any longer:

  • Save oodles of cash growing compared to buying.
  • You won’t EVER run out, or suffer through “dry spells”.
  • Never worry again about getting “over-medicated” from Marijuana strain too potent for you.
  • Medical Marijuana patients can be rest assured their own “product” is free of toxins.
  • Know exactly what strain you’re getting.
  • Guarantee the potency of your own Buds.
  • Mother Nature’s Purity: Health Nuts will always be able to grow “all-organic”.
  • 100% more convenient.
  • IT’S FUN!



These are just 9 reasons for a start. But lets take a closer look at each one so you can determine for yourself why growing your own 4 Cannabis plants is a smart move.

When you get good at growing, (and it won’t take long!) most Cannabis strains will yield at least one pound of top-quality Bud for the low expense of approx. $200 dollars in supplies and power. On the street, that same illegal pound will cost you well over $2000!

When you grow your own Buds, you’ll never run out. Being legally allowed to grow 4 plants, you’ll be able to produce your own continuous supply. After your first four plants are done, you’ll have more than enough delectable Buds to enjoy as much as you want until your next crop is ready! 

All you need is one grow tent or a dedicated area in your home. Don’t worry right now if you don’t know how to create a special area in your home for four Marijuana plants, in this blog series we’ll show you how to do it cheap and easy! Simply start your four plants in your grow tent or dedicated area and when they are finished flowering, simply harvest your beautiful Buds. After that just start four new plants. It’s a never-ending cycle of awesome Buds with just 4 plants!

When you buy Marijuana from “Just Anybody”, unless you know they’re a long time experienced Cannabis-growing “Pioneer”, you could end up with Buds that are, “less than thrilling”. Inexperienced growers who, “think they know what they’re doing”, but really don’t, will sell you high cost, weak, low quality product that will result in an expensive disappointment. 

That’s why we created this free “Grow Your Four” blog! Come learn with us! Our blog writers are long time experienced Cannabis-growing “Pioneers”, who will guide you step by step from seed to flower. With us, you’ll learn how to avoid making costly mistakes with poor results. After your first harvest, you’ll feel like you really know what you’re doing—and have your very own exotic, potent Buds to prove it!

Many growers, whether they’re licensed commercial growers or not, are still spraying their crops with chemical pesticides and fertilizing with chemical additives which completely defeat the purpose of true natural healing. These chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizing additives that are not high-quality pharmaceutical-grade synthetic nutrients, will get in the way of the pure medicinal effects you’re looking for. 

The authority on growing high-quality Medical Marijuana for rich, effective CBD content, “Project CBD” has stated that while, “The molecular structure of CBD isn’t affected by fertilizers, the quality of the oil extract can be affected. Any chemical residue from fertilizers in the plant will be extracted and concentrated enough that this could diminish the quality of the oil.” If your goal is to grow your very own high-quality Medical Marijuana even better than licensed producers do, our “Grow Your 4” blog will show you how!

When you buy from “Just Anyone”, more often than not, they won’t know exactly what they’re selling. You’re hoping for some major relaxation or pain-killing power of Indica dominant hybrids but “Just Anyone” sells you a Sativa dominant hybrid that’ll have you up all night and ready to party. Or visa versa!

Believe it or not, according to CBC news feeds, licensed Canadian commercial Marijuana producers are still notorious for selling Weed that is very under-par in potency quality. Unlicensed growers are still running rampant selling very low quality Buds because many of them really don’t know the growing basics! They’re selling Buds grown with old, weak lights, over fertilizing or under fertilizing their plants and making countless other mistakes that end up delivering “weed-fx” that are just plain frustrating. When you grow your own and educate yourself, you’ll always end up with the highest quality potency in your favourite strains.

Many people buy Cannabis to improve and maintain their good health and they’re not out to “fix” anything that may have gone wrong with their bodies. To them, Cannabis is just another part of their excellent health regime of making sure they’re getting all their vitamins and minerals through whole natural foods that are grown organically. When you grow your own, you’ll have the choice. You’ll be able to grow “all-organic” with all natural organic plant nutrients, or using high-quality bio-available synthetic nutrients so that the CBDs in your stain of choice will always have the maximum positive effects in your health you’re looking for. 

Taking a few short minutes a day to care for your amazing home Cannabis garden is sure a lot easier than having to run around town hunting down a new supplier when your old supplier has dropped out of sight, or having to handle the frustration of the crazy line-ups at licensed dispensaries. Not to mention waiting “forever” to get to the front of that dispensary line, only to find that they’re, “All Sold Out” of your favourite strain!

Many people try growing their own just to save money and think they have ZERO “green thumb” skills. After learning the basics with their first crop they realize they’re not only good growers, but they’re actually having a BALL doing it! 

As a matter of fact, every home grower you talk to will tell you they get a little thrill every day by playing God and growing the beautiful potent plants in their controlled indoor environments even better than those same plants could do for themselves out in the wild. 

So take “a walk on the wild side”, without ever leaving your own home all while playing it safe and being totally legal by growing your own four plants. The “Grow Your Four” website brings expert growers, who care about your growing success to you. Growing your own 4 Marijuana plants will be more fun and satisfying than you ever dreamed possible! 

Check out this time lapse of a cannabis plant’s growth cycle to get you excited about growing your own four Cannabis plants!


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