The Problem with Cannabis

Want to know the problem with Cannabis? 
We’ve found a great Youtube video by Everest Fernandez outlining the 5 main issues growers face while growing cannabis plants. This helpful video runs through some of the most important conditions necessary for you to grow your own Cannabis plants as well as discussing the most common difficulties people face.

Problem 1:
Modern Cannabis varieties are often the product of a complex hybridization process. Seeds from the same packet can often produce very different plants and are un predictable.

Problem 2:

Cannabis is typically dioecious. This means it produces some plants with just male flowers (pollen) and some plants with just female flowers ( pistils to catch pollen). Usually cannabis growers want to harvest just un-pollinated female flowers, so any males need to be quickly identified and removed before they release their pollen.

Problem 3:

Cannabis is a light loving plant but excess heat can degrade the morphology and quality of the buds. Professional indoor Cannabis growers thread a fine line between providing adequate light intensity without over heating their plants. As Cannabis matures and increases in bulk, it can absorb more thermal energy from grow lights and there for is becomes increasingly susceptible to heat stress.

Problem 4:

As Cannabis matures so does it’s thirst for water and nutrients. Providing Cannabis plants with everything they need can be challenging, especially for growers using soil based potting mixes. Hydroponics is a very productive method of cultivating cannabis.

Problem 5:

Female Cannabis flowers photosynthesize and transpire moisture. Growers often use physical training techniques to expose more buds to direct light. Other cultivators use defoliation techniques to expose buds to direct light as well as increasing airflow in and around the plants.

To avoid these problems and set up your first grow tent with minimal issues check out our essential guide!

To find out more about the issues first time growers face, we highly recommend checking out the whole video, linked below!

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