Learn how to Grow Your Four Legal Cannabis plants today!


Know the difference between Cannabis and “Weed”

Firstly we need to understand that marijuana is NOT a “weed”! 

We say this because the general misconception is that a cannabis plant will grow like a weed, however this is THE first mistake you can do when starting your cultivation endeavours! The term “weed” even though it’s in the dictionary, is basically a slang term. It has been applied for hundreds if not thousands of years to any plants that were UNWANTED in a home garden, manicured lawn or large agricultural setting.

Weeds are known for being exceptionally hardy, able to grow and thrive anywhere plants can survive. Weeds like the common Dandelion are so hardy in fact, that they will OVERRUN a lawn or garden if given the chance. Weeds are a nuisance due to the fact that they out-compete other plants for nutrients, water and growing space to the point of starving these other plants to death.

The reason you need to be clear on this is, is that “Weed” is also the nick-name Cannabis has ironically been given for the last hundred years, in North America at least, if not on a global basis. It has been desired and coveted by thousands of people for its psycho-active and medicinal effects. And with this erroneous term comes the horrendous misconception that many new Cannabis growers fall prey to:
“Cannabis is a weed and will grow anywhere, and is therefore ridiculously easy to grow and anyone can grow it.”  Every beginner grower!
The misconception that Cannabis is a “weed”, is the furthest thing from the truth! If you want to grow thriving Cannabis indoors, that will provide you with a never ending bounty of potent flower buds you need to erase this misconception completely from your mind.

The fact that Cannabis can indeed grow anywhere plants can grow, does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that it will be an easy success. If grown improperly with only assumptions and a complete lack of knowledge in the basics of plant biology, your Cannabis plant will grow poorly into a disappointing, barren specimen.

The GOOD NEWS on the other hand, is that growing AMAZING Cannabis is NOT rocket science! 

Growing Cannabis is immensely enjoyable, fun and easy to learn. Just by knowing and practising the simple steps and tips you will learn on Grow Your Four, you’ll be harvesting your very own bountiful Cannabis plant in no time!

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