Learn how to Grow Your Four Legal Cannabis plants today!

Grow Kit’s By Baüx Industries

Baüx Industries has created a grow kit ideal for anyone wanting to get started on growing their four plants today. The tents come in variable sizes, which are  2’ x 4’x 80″, 3’ x 3’ x 80″ and 5’ x 5’ x 80″ and will suit anyone’s growing needs.

The Grow Kits come with an LED light source and depending on what size tent you choose, will then determine what wattage of LED light you’ll receive. (2×4 =300W. 3×3 =600W. 5×5 = Two 600W). All three kits come with a pair of rope ratchets for hanging and a dual outlet timer to control the light period. You will also receive a 4” exhaust fan and charcoal filter to eliminate any odours and remove any excess heat. Ensure you use the 10’ of ducting and two duct clamps provided, to properly secure the ventilation system in your tent. In addition, your Baüx grow kit will provide you with 4 fabric pots and saucers and then all you will need is some dirt!

The Baüx grow kits are an ideal, cost effective solution for beginners and hobby growers. These Grow kits give you the ability to customize any components to suite your level and needs, which makes them an ideal purchase for any grower. If you want to have more air movement, add some fans or change the exhaust kit for a stronger one. Need to change the climate for certain strains? Add a thermostat to control your temperatures. Need more humidity? Add a humidifier. If It gets too cold at night, add a heater. The upgrades are endless and ideal for growers who are constantly perfecting their craft and looking for bigger yields.

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