Green Planet’s Four Nutrient Kits

Green Planet Nutrients has always been, and will always be, about quality. They’re passionate about sourcing the purest, cleanest water, using the highest quality materials, ensuring that the environment is protected, and improving the lives of the people who grow with them.

Why would a Nutrient Kit benefit you?

In this blog and video link, I will be explaining the base nutrient and additives of each kit. This will help with your decision of what kit is best for your growing needs. Nutrient kits make it easy in providing you with all the needed nutrients a plant will require throughout its growth cycle. All the micro and macro nutrients required for optimum plant growth come with all the kits. All that is required is adjusting your pH for ideal nutrient uptake.

Why would I want to get a Nutrient Kit?

A nutrient kit makes it easy for you to feed your plants all the required nutrients without making it complicated. Depending on what you want from your plants, whether that is quality or quantity, there is a kit for your needs.

Green Planet One Part Kit


Base Nutrient: Medi One

Additives: Ocean Magic, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin

When would you use a One Part Kit?

The one part kit is ideal for any grower that wants to benefit from using an organic base nutrient and simplify their feeding regiment.

What are the benefits of the One Part Kit?

Green Planet’s One Part kit comes with Medi one, an organic base nutrient loaded with all the necessary elements needed for vigorous plant growth throughout the grow and bloom stages. Medi One is formulated with readily available macro and microelements that provide your plants with a fully balanced nutrient system for your soilless and coco mediums that will guarantee immediate results. The kit not only provides the grower with the ability to aim for quality with its organic nutrient, but also bigger yields by combining Medi One with Ocean Magic, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin . When this combination is applied, you can expect to see vigorous growth and resinous, aromatic floral production in the bloom stage. The one part kit further simplifies the feeding process by only requiring the grower to follow the feed chart on the box and adjusting the pH to a range between 5.8 and 6.3; the ideal pH range to feed any fast growing plant.   

Click here to download feedchart. 

Green Planet Two Part Kit


Base Nutrient: Dual Fuel 1&2

Additives: Vitathrive, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin

When would you use a Two Part Kit?

The two part kit is ideal for any grower looking to simplify the feeding process and maximize their yields. Originally intended for commercial growers looking to reduce their labor costs, it has now been made available to all growers. This kit is ideal to use when you want to use clean nutrients that are simple to use and easy to measure.

What are the benefits of the Two Part Kit?

The 2 part kit is beneficial to use when you want to provide your plants with the cleanest nutrients available. Dual Fuel is a complex commercial grade formulation that has been concentrated in order to reduce the volume of nutrients needed in a grow room. This reduces the handling of large volumes of fertilizer while simultaneously reducing plastic waste. Dual Fuel also uses a sediment free formulation, meaning that it will reduce the formation of sludge and sediment build up in your reservoir and irrigation lines, making it an ideal nutrient to use in hydroponic systems. This also helps with reducing the formation of bacteria. In addition to the Dual Fuel, the 2 part kit also comes with Vitathrive, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin. Combining all these products will create a rich nutrient solution that will not only provide your plants with all the nutrition required to have a high quality product, but also the required nutrients to maximize your yields.

Click here to download feedchart.

Green Planet Three Part


Base Nutrient: GP 3 Grow, Bloom and Micro

Additives: Vitathrive, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin

When would you use a Three Part Kit?

The Three Part kit is ideal to use when you want more flexibility in a nutrient system. The formulation allows you to give your plants what they need at any moment in their growth cycle.

What are the benefits of the Three Part Kit?

Aside from providing more flexibility with your feeding regiment, the ingredients of the 3 part nutrient system are 100% water-soluble and readily available for consumption, meaning your plants will get access to a complex source of nutrients immediately when fed. The Three Part kit also contains 100% chelated micronutrients and three unique sources of iron for a broad range of pH environments. It also has a low salt index, reducing the risk of salt build up in the medium. This kit is also designed to seamlessly integrate into any existing feeding schedule or replace any current three part nutrient system being used.

Click here to download feedchart. 

Green Planet Four Part


Base Nutrient: Hydro Fuel Grow & Bloom

Additives: Vitathrive, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin

When would you use a Four Part Kit?

The Four Part Kit gives you the most control of your base nutrients. It allows you to control what your plants get, whether in the growth or bloom stage and does this by providing you with a base nutrient for each stage.

What are the benefits of the Four Part Kit?

The four part kit not only allows for more control during the growth and bloom stage, it also provides a rich source of macro and micronutrients to help push your plants to their maximum potential. It is also highly concentrated and requires very little to give your plants what they need. Hydro Fuel comes in a grow and bloom stage formulation. Both contain an A and B solution and are used in equal amounts. Each formulation can be adjusted, or customized, according to environmental factors your plant may be dealing with. In combination with Hydro Fuel, the four part kit also comes with Vitathrive, Massive, Liquid Weight and Rezin. These additives will help increase yield and quality in addition to Hydro Fuel.

Click here to download feedchart. 

Product Definition:


Dual Fuel 1&2

Dual Fuel is the simplest and most effective 2-Part Nutrient System on the market. Used in a 1.1 ratio throughout all growth cycles. It’s easy to use for the absolute beginner and yet has been formulated to meet the complex needs of the professional grower.

Liquid Weight

Liquid Weight is an excellent carbohydrate supplement that provides an energy source for your plants, resulting in impressively large flowers and fruits. Carbohydrates support both your plant directly and act as a great source for the microbial life in the root zone.


Massive Bloom Formulation is an all-natural bloom booster that utilizes bee waste including honeycomb to amplify a plant’s natural growing processes.

Medi One

Medi One is an organic, award-winning 1-Part Base Nutrient System intended for fast growing annuals. Intended to be used through the grow and bloom cycles, we have made it so easy that all you have to do is adjust your pH, and feed it to your plants.

Ocean Magic

Ocean Magic is fertilizer derived from Atlantic Sea Kelp harvested from unpolluted waters of the Northern Atlantic Ocean. A naturally-derived growth enhancer designed to support rooting, reduce environmental and transplant stress, improve nutrient uptake, and increase the overall vitality of your plants.


Rezin is a combination of acids created through a complex fermentation process. It’s designed to enhance the flavor and aromas. Rezin will not affect your PPM. This means that you can run itt with any nutrient program at full strength.


Vitathrive is a vitamin and mineral solution that reduces plant stress while supporting essential functions.Formulated to protect your plants when they are most vulnerable, in their cutting and rooting stage, and in bloom to reinvigorate the roots and help with nutrient uptake.


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