Learn how to Grow Your Four Legal Cannabis plants today!

About Us

We are your trusted home Cannabis cultivation advisor.

Canada legalizes cannabis and federal law will permit individuals aged 19 and older to grow as many as four cannabis plants in their own home for personal use.

Growing your four plants at home can be an easy and simple process as long as you know the basics. This is where Grow Your Four will showcase you the facts, the products and introducing you to the experts who can help with your cultivation needs.

Our Goal:
Grow Your Four strive to be on the forefront of educating the inhabitants of Canada on the cultivation of Cannabis for legalized recreational use. Grow Your Four will be the one stop hub for all the Canadians needs on home cultivation, from what products to use, to seminars. Aimed at all levels of growers, we will bring you the knowledge on the unspoken topics and relaying articles and news which will affect how you can grow your four Cannabis plants at home.

Mission Statement:
Grow Your Four’s mission is to educate and inspire Canadians who are interested in learning how to grow Cannabis at home.

To become the one stop hub for Canadians seeking any and all information relating to legal home Cannabis cultivation. 

Core values:
Educate – Inspire – Cultivate

Yours sincerely

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