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GYF Part 7 – Transferring Our Two Cannabis Plants Into Fabric Pots

Week 5 Dan is happy with the look of our plants however he noticed during our runoff that the PPM is really high and our PH is very low. Our PPM was measuring at 1,700, which is well to high atm and we need to bring the PPM down and PH level back up for a healthier plant.

Measuring PPM matters because cannabis plants are extremely sensitive to nutrition fluctuation. High PPM can cause nutrient burn which we do not want happening.

Adjusting PPM Levels

1. To rid your water of too many particles you can use things like a carbon filter or a reverse osmosis machine to clean your water.

2. For a quick fix when PPM’s are high just add a bit of freshwater with a good pH level and watch them drop.

3. When readings are low it’s usually time to feed your plants.

Transplanting into Fabric Pots: Now we have a solution for the PPM and PH levels, it was time for us to start transplanting our cannabis plants into fabric pots. Because the fabric is porous in fabric pots, excess water can easily drain from the container keeping moisture at an ideal level for healthy plant growth. Ideal for the root zone as they allow the roots to breathe which reduces the chances of root-bound. We’re at the stage where we’re really concentrating on the two plants and giving them the best chance to develop. At the end of the day, it’s all about the quality bud produced by these little guys. To do this, we have to move to fabric pots to give it more room to grow and really concentrate on the plant producing the best results in the flower.

Dans Rule of thumb The plants shouldn’t grow 2x size of the pot. For example: 1 Gallon Pot = 2 foot tall plant 2, Gallon Pot = 4 foot tall plant 3 Gallon Pot = 6 foot tall plant.

Watch the video to learn from our mistakes and start your cannabis growing endeavors! DEFINITIONS PPM Levels PPM (Parts Per Million) refers to the concentration of the particulates in your feeding solution.  Root Bound  Any plant’s root system that is confined in a container for any length of time can become root-bound. When a plant is grown naturally in the ground, it spreads its roots out throughout the soil. Visit your local Pacific Northwest Garden Supply Store for the latest and best Hydroponic equipment. The one-stop for all your hydroponics needs: https://pnwgardensupply.com/

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