Learn how to Grow Your Four Legal Cannabis plants today!

GYF Part 6 – Lollipopping, Topping, Training and Pruning Our Marijuana Plants

Week 4: Dan popped over to help us with the next stages of growing our four cannabis plants. It is here, we learned the importance of pruning our plants to maximize the flower sites. This ensures we get the best results within our final product, the bud.

 Sadly we had to terminate another potential male plant. When growing your four, you don’t want any male plants affecting the quality of your flowers, so don’t get too attached and get that sucka outta there. We started this journey with four plants however we now have two plants left. Frustrating to lose two plants before we’ve even harvested, but this is life and we couldn’t take the risk and recommend you do the same. With our two plants left, we want to give them the best chance, so in this video, we learned even though we’re down to two plants, topping, training and pruning our marijuana plants can still give us optimal bud production. So all is not lost


Lollipopping: It is a pruning technique that creates an attractive “lollipop” shape while concentrating each plant’s energy into its upper, bud producing branches.

Topping: In horticulture, topping is the act of mowing or cutting the aerial part of a crop to prevent seed formation and distribution. Most often, topping is performed in order to control a temporary cover crop and prevent it from seeding. Indoors, a variation of topping is often employed in order to create a more stout and bushy plant, one that is suitable for thriving indoors.

Pruning: To trim (a tree, shrub, or bush) by cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase fruitfulness and growth. Visit your local Pacific Northwest Garden Supply Store for the latest and best Hydroponic equipment. The one-stop for all your hydroponics needs: https://pnwgardensupply.com/

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