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GYF Part 5 – Jesse’s Journal: Week 1 – Week 3

With the help from our technical experts (Pacific Northwest Garden Supply), we were able to get our 4 seeds to a healthy infancy stage (Vegetative stage). Now it’s time for Jesse, a Grow Your Four lead to take the leap of faith and grow his four cannabis plants. During these video series, we’ll have our PNW expert drop by to give us some support and help during our stages of growth. It’s here where we’ll show you the trials, mistakes and progress made throughout our first time growing. Check it out for yourselves on how our first three weeks went!

Week 1
We have our little ones within a 2’ x 4’x 80” Baüx Industries grow kit. We were impressed with the set-up, as it was easy to get all the components together, as well it was able to fit within the corner of our spare room. Fingers crossed we don’t kill them now.

As you can see their green, healthy and ready to go!

Week 2
So, we’ve been informed that you don’t want any male plants within your grow. We were able to get feminized seeds however, this just means there is a high probability that you will get female only plants. Keep an eye on your grow for any plants which grow taller than the rest. As you can see, we have one little fella whose grown taller than the rest and we need to keep an eye on it.

Some of our plant’s leaves have become discoloured, we’re unsure why at this moment. The leaves have become yellow, dry and crusty compared to the healthy green we had before.

Mixing nutrients. This is interestin

g, Jesse our team lead on this project is also a personal trainer and meal preparations are something he has down to a tee. However with plants we were advised to create the reservoir of nutrients on the day and feed it to the plants then. Prepping a weeks worth of nutrients and then leaving it, can cause your reservoir to become stagnant, which can cause problems. The problems that could occur are that you’re unsure of the chemical reaction taken place within your bucket. You want to reduce the variables of outside contaminants as much as possible as at the moment we could be potentially poisoning our plants.

Week 3
Now, all of our plants have grown big and tall. Not as big as the first plant in week 2. PNW Dan has come over to help us with some issues we’ve been facing, particularly the colour discolouration and potential male plant.  Yep, we had a male plant. Dan showed us the pollen sacks in-which we have to be on the lookout for. We had to get that little sucker out of our grow, as a male plant can pollinate the females. We don’t want this to happen as we’re after the medical benefits of the female flower.

PNW Dan, noticed the discolouration of our cannabis plants could be a pH issue. With a pH pen, we noticed we’re almost double the recommenced pH level which led to the colour discolouration. Through this error, we know now we need a pH pen to ensure we’re not stressing out our plants out.

Keep tuned for the next instalment of Jesse’s Grow Your Four Journal

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