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The 10 Micro Steps To Planting Your First 4 Cannabis Seeds

Why do so many novice growers have so much trouble getting their seedlings to see “the light of day” and consider it such a complicated ordeal?

The first thing novice growers need to be aware of after they’ve started the germination process is that your first 4 cannabis seeds will not all germinate (sprout) at the exact same time. Just because the first day you see one seed has “popped” and cracked open, doesn’t mean the other 3 are no good. When checking the seeds in the paper towels daily the first thing to look out for is that the towels STAY nice and moist. When unfolding the paper towels to inspect the progress of the seeds, go gentle so you don’t accidentally send the seeds flying and lose them.

The second thing new growers need to look for daily is the rate of progression of the germinating seeds. After the first one opens you will only see a sliver of an ivory white baby tap root visible in the crack. The next day that first seed should have opened more so the point of baby tap root is sticking out slightly beyond the husk of the seed shell. This is a very good sign the seed is healthy and not genetically weak.  The second and third day you should notice the other seeds starting to pop. 

After the first seed’s baby tap root is between 1/8th to 1/2 an inch long, its time to plant it! This is why it is crucial to have all of your 4 pots of peat moss mix moist and ready to receive the new seedlings as they are ready.

Before you touch the first seed, take a chop stick, or pencil point, or tooth pick and make a tiny hole in the medium. The hole should be only as deep as the length of the seed plus the length of the baby tap root protruding 1/8 to 1/2 of an inch out from the seed itself. If you make the hole too deep, and cover the seedling, the weight of the watered peat moss mix may be too heavy for the seed to grow up toward the light source. Rather than planting it, by making the hole too deep, you’ll have dug that first seed’s grave instead!

The next step is the most important one and where first time growers fail. 

The seedling must be VERY carefully placed into the hole, TAP ROOT POINTING DOWN. Do not push the seedling into the hole or just drop it in because these careless actions most often than not, force the seedling to be planted sideways or even upside down! If you make this mistake you’ll force the seedling to take a nose-dive DEEPER into the medium to its own death… You can check out our video showing you how to transplant your seeds. 

So, do it right the first time by breaking this ultimate planting step into 10 micro baby steps:

1. Using your index finger and your thumb, delicately take hold of the seed head.

2. The seed head is the hard main shell of the seed. Lift it up so the tap root is pointing down.

3. Delicately place the seedling into the hole with the tap root pointing the way down.

4. When the top of the seed head is in and level with the surface of the medium, STOP.

5. Now that you’ve perfectly placed the seed, take a pinch of peat and cover the seedling.

6. Simply rub your fingers pinching the peat and sprinkle it over, and cover the seedling.

7. VERY gently drip pure water over the little sprinkled mound you’ve made over the seedling.

8. You’ll only need an ounce of water for your first watering.

9. Gradually drip the rest of the water around the middle of the pot where the seedling is.

10.  Gradually dripping the rest of the water immediately around the seedling will lightly, but thoroughly cover the seedling so it can easily find its way up to the light source.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully planted your first seed!

Now all you need to do is, “keep your eye on the ball” and check the rest of the seeds daily to make sure the paper towels are nice and moist. Observe how the remaining seeds are progressing. Many times you’ll find the rest of the seeds to have sprouted out so their baby tap roots are the perfect (1/8 to 1/2 of an inch) length for planting the very next day! Other times they will sprout one by one in the following 8 days to come. 

Please remember not to be upset if one or two of the remaining seeds fail to sprout. This is perfectly normal because nothing in nature is 100% perfect.

As the rest of your seeds sprout into seedlings, simply follow the 10 micro steps to plant them one by one and you’re exciting growing experience will have officially begun!

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