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Novices Need Girls!

When you’re ready to go shopping for seeds, there’s a few important things you’ll need to know. The first one being, what strain of Cannabis seed are you looking for?

The strain of a Cannabis seed will tell you what you can expect in potency, THC and CBD percentages, and even how fast it will grow, how tall or bushy each plant will be, and the appearance of the flowers. And there are hundreds of strains, with wild, funky names to choose from!

To make things clear and simple when you’re just starting out however, know that there are just two main Cannabis strains to chose from: Indica and Sativa. 

Indica, scientists say, was the first psycho-active Cannabis plant on Earth and it originated in Afghanistan of all places! Afghanistan has the same climate as Alberta, Canada! Indica grows short (no more than 4 feet) and bushy, and is famous for its medicinal, sedative effects.

Over the hundreds and thousands of years, Indica pollen blew east on the wind and “travelled”, eventually morphing into the second main Marijuana strain called Sativa. Sativa Cannabis grows wild in tropical Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Sativa grows super tall and spindly and can even exceed heights of 12 feet! Sativa is famous for its wicked, stimulating, inspiring and creative high, and can even be hallucinogenic if you smoke enough!

The important thing to know however is that these two pure strains are rare and hard to find these days because almost all strains waiting for you on the market now are hybrids of the two. A hybrid strain is a cross-breed of the two main strains Indica and Sativa. So depending on the effects you’re looking for, you’ll want to chose a strain that is either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant

For example, an excellent Sativa dominant strain is a “Cali OG Kush/Haze” which has a whooping 35% THC content when you get good at growing it! Artists, dancers and musicians love this strain. 

An excellent Indica dominant strain is the, “White Widow”.  Her THC% and CBD% are strong, but due to the mysterious nature of cannabinoids that scientists still don’t fully understand, the medicinal effects are profound and broad-ranging with a powerful painkilling-sedative high.

If you have the chance to “eye-ball” the seeds you buy, always select the biggest, plumpest seeds. Only these have the best chance of sprouting. Here at GrowYourFour we’ll be showing you exactly how to sprout and plant your seeds like a pro! Another secret to remember is, you can’t just throw some Cannabis seeds in the dirt, water them and expect them to grow…

Novices Need Girls!


The most important thing you need to understand about what kind of Cannabis seed you need, is that no matter what kind of strain you want, ALWAYS buy feminized seeds.

You can buy “Regular” seeds when you get good at growing and want to start producing your own seeds. This is because with regular seeds you’ll always get a batch where some are male and some are female. When they grow up they’ll pollinate each other and you’ll have tons of seeds, BUT very LOW potency female flowers. When pollinated, all of Mamma’s energy will go into growing her babies, the seeds!

When you are beginning your awesome first 4 plant grow, never buy anything but feminized seeds! Feminized seeds are very likely to grow up into pure female plants. You want female plants because when they grow up they’ll produce the biggest most powerful Buds you’ve ever seen! 

When they are not pollinated by male flowers, your female plants will throw all of their energy into growing big beautiful flowers super high in resin content. Resin is where all the trichomes hang out and the trichomes contain massive amounts THC and CBD which have all the medicinal and psycho-active goodies you ARE going to love!

In this introduction to the biology of Cannabis plants we’ve only touched the surface to give you the basics you’ll need to get started on the right foot. And we’re only getting warmed up…

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be going into great detail on everything we’ve touched on here so as you follow along and practice what you learn, you’ll see yourself transform into the Master Grower you’ve only dreamed about! Check out this video from Cannabis Seeds USA for more information on what a feminized seed is.

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