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The 5 Basic Elements For A Healthy Grow Environment Indoors

Marijuana needs 5 basic elements to grow healthy indoors:

1. Fresh, well-circulated air.

2. Brilliant light in the right amounts as close to the wavelength colours of pure Sunlight.

3. Fresh, pure oxygenated water.

4. Well-draining growing mediums rich in the nutrients Marijuana plants love.

5. Plump, germinated, feminized seeds of the right Marijuana strain you intend to grow.

1. Fresh, well-circulated air.

You may be surprised that this element is your number one priority over good light!

The lack of good, fresh well-circulated air at the correct temperature and humidity levels is the downfall of many a new grower’s Marijuana garden. Many people are growing Cannabis today in small confined spaces. A small extra bedroom, closet, and the immensely popular “Grow Tent” are fine places to grow in your home, as long as you know one secret: Ventilation!

To maintain a steady supply of fresh well-circulated air at the correct temperature and humidity levels, new growers also need to know about what “transpiration” is and how it works.

Transpiration is the scientific term used to describe the process by which plants “breath” out excess levels of moisture and oxygen through the top surfaces of their leaves. They absorb this water and oxygen first through their roots. Oxygen is a waste product of a plant’s energy and growth production, but is the life-giving reason we humans and all other non-plant forms of life can exist on Earth.

Plants also breath IN air through the bottom surfaces of their leaves and use the carbon dioxide in the air to fuel their energy and growth production.

Even more interesting, is that a plant breaths OUT 80-95% of the moisture it absorbs through its roots! Think of that…

All this extra, super-heated moisture gets pumped back into your grow room and if not ventilated out, while new fresh air is brought in, it can quickly raise the temperatures and humidity in your grow room. It can STOP plant growth and if not checked, the extra heated oxygen and humidity will eventually suffocate and kill your plants.

Marijuana thrives at temperatures between 72 and 80° F, or 22 to 27° C and at humidity levels between 40 to 60%. To maintain these perfect settings, growers need to exhaust transpired, warmer, moist air out, and pull fresh cooler air in. It must then circulate that new air inside the grow room with an oscillating fan.

2. Brilliant light as close to the wavelength colours of pure Sunlight.

Grown indoors, Marijuana plants need the right amounts of light intensity as close to the wavelength colours of pure sunlight as possible. Marijuana plants love pure sunlight in the right amounts because light is their energy source. The leaves of plants act as natural “solar panels” and absorb sunlight energy to power their life systems in a process known scientifically as, “Photosynthesis”.

Photosynthesis is a bio-chemical process generated by sunlight (electromagnetic energy) that enables plants to absorb water and nutrients through their roots and distribute them evenly throughout the entire plant structure so it can grow, develop and flower to fully complete its life cycle.  Marijuana is an annual plant that grows from seed and lives, reproduces itself and dies in one summer season. Grown indoors Marijuana can be grown in 3 months to fully complete its life cycle. 

During the process of photosynthesis, plants use sunlight to make their own food by combining the water, sugars, minerals and carbohydrates they take up through their roots and the carbon dioxide they absorb through their leaves. Photosynthesis is what also gives plants their green colour by producing a green pigment called chlorophyll. The waste produced from photosynthesis is the oxygen we need to breath.

As the sunlight changes in wavelength colour combinations and intensity throughout the summer and progresses to autumn, plants receive a special signal from the changing wavelengths of the sun’s energy. Photosynthesis changes as well. This triggers Cannabis to begin its reproductive flowering cycle.

Grown indoors, it’s best to give Marijuana 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to grow and rest daily in its vegetative phase. After six to ten weeks depending on the strain of Marijuana you’re growing, you must then change the light cycle to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of complete darkness to start the flowering cycle. 

The subject of indoor grow lights is fascinating and extremely important to learn due to the wild variety of grow lights on the market today. And the unpleasant secret you need to know is that many lights posing as “Grow Lights” are worthless! In a post coming soon, we’ll be showing you how to select the best high-quality grow lights for your plant strains and garden size.

3. Fresh, pure oxygenated water.

The importance of fresh, pure oxygenated water cannot be overstated. Water is essential for delivering the nutrients your 4 Marijuana plants need to live. Ironically, under the surface of the soil, oxygen in the water is absorbed and taken in through the plants’ roots. Oxygen combines with the other nutrients plants require in the water solution in the soil so they can be drawn up into the plant, and through the process of photosynthesis, be turned into food energy for growth and flowering. 

Your Marijuana plants love fresh pure oxygenated water. Any toxins and pollutants together with a lack of oxygen will damage plant growth and even, if allowed to persist, kill your plants! You can collect rain and melt snow for pure water. But of course the most convenient source of water is tap water. Just make sure you fill your water bucket and let it sit open for at least 48 hours to let the chlorine and other toxic chemical gases in town water evaporate.

But even the purest water is lethal to plants if it contains no oxygen. When water sits too long in storage, all the oxygen can evaporate and the LACK of it can literally suffocate your plants! 

Successful growers know a crucial secret that they must aerate their water source before pouring it onto their plant mediums so the water is abundant with oxygen. There are several ways to aerate and add oxygen to your water and in a post coming soon we’ll show you how to do it for free, with effective low-cost methods, or use the latest automated high-tech systems! So remember, the water you use for your plants MUST be rich in oxygen.

4. Well-draining growing mediums.

The growing medium, in a natural environment, is soil. Roots grow down into the soil and the soil secures the plant by its roots and allows a plant to feed. For your indoor garden however, ordinary “potting soil” will not sufficiently drain and over time, will compress and suffocate your plant’s roots. In a natural environment, Marijuana thrives in loose, well-draining, sandy soil.

Potting soil for house plants, just doesn’t cut it for Marijuana.

The best growing medium for novice Marijuana growers and their indoor gardens is not soil, but a simple mixture of peat moss and vermiculite. This inexpensive mixture drains well so your plants won’t drown in their own water, but holds enough nutrient rich moisture so your plants can feed between waterings. 

Many novice growers assume they must feed their plants with a mixture of water and nutrients. What they must understand however, is that, with their mixture of water and nutrients, they are really feeding the medium! 

You have to feed your medium first. You can never directly feed a plant!

Think about it: how can you feed a plant? Does it have a mouth? Your plant must feed itself.

And the only way you can let your plant feed itself is by supplying the correct water and nutrient solution directly to the medium that your plant’s roots are growing in. The roots of your plant do all the work of feeding the plant and it is up to you to keep your medium well-drained but moist enough to let your plants feed throughout the day. 

The most common way to contain your growing medium is to use the correct size of planting pot. Pots can range from used clean buckets with holes drilled out the bottom for drainage to regular planting pots to fabric pots. And there are many growing mediums and growing systems you can try as well, as your skills develop after your first grow. Coming soon, we’ll be taking you on a guided tour of all the fascinating growing mediums out there and the amazing growing systems to place them in.

But for now, be rest assured that your first 4 plants will chill out quite nicely and grow beautifully when you keep it simple with peat moss and vermiculite. 

5. Plump, germinated, feminized SEEDS.

What most novice growers want to know is, “Where can I buy good Marijuana seeds?” And this is an excellent question!

You can find good, guaranteed Cannabis Marijuana seeds at trusted, well-known Cannabis seed companies on-line, at many licensed dispensaries and directly from licensed growing companies in your area. 

Just don’t ask for Hemp seeds! Hemp is Cannabis for sure, but it definitely IS NOT Marijuana!

Well-known, experienced and trusted seed companies will never sell you Hemp seeds unless you ask for them specifically and you never will because you’re out to grow some awesome Marijuana! You should also only be buying feminized seeds for your first grow!

Check out our upcoming blog post “Novices Need Girls” For more information about what seeds you should be buying!

You can also get yourself off to a great start setting up your new grow environment by having a look at our 5 step indoor growing beginners guide!

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